Steps to Take if You Receive a Nuisance Call

Nuisance CallThe fact is, nuisance calls are becoming more rampant, especially in this day and age when it is very easy to connect to people you know (and even outright strangers) with just a few clicks. But as a consumer or business owner, it is your right to address any unwanted calls you are receiving and stop these kinds of calls from disturbing you permanently.

When you receive a nuisance call, what do you do? Do you hang up politely, or end up giving them information that should have been kept confidential in the first place? Chances are, not many of us know the proper way of handling nuisance calls. The good news is that there are certain things you can do in order to alleviate unwanted calls, and perhaps stop them altogether.

Step 1
The first thing you can do when you receive an unwanted call (whether it’s a marketing call, a survey, or other types of calls where you are speaking with a live person), is to ask them for the name of their organisation as well as their address and telephone number. Of course, you can simply hang up and not bother getting their information, but if you do, they will call you again. With the information you get, you can call them or write to them to stop calling you. You can also tell the representative on the phone directly that you would like to stop receiving calls from them.

Step 2
When you answer a nuisance call and the voice on the other end seems friendly and simply wants some information about you as a consumer, be wary. Sometimes, questions can be asked in such a way that you end up divulging your financial information without being aware of it. Avoid giving out any personal details, and if a caller is saying that they are from your electricity supplier or energy company, verify this first by asking for identification or information that they can give you such as your previous month’s billing.

Step 3
If you have tried steps 1 and 2 and are still receiving nuisance calls, the next step is to register your telephone number with the TPS, or Telephone Preference Service. Keep in mind that for businesses, there is a special service called the CTPS as well. Any number listed with the TPS or CTPS cannot legally be contacted by marketing firms.

Step 4
When registration with the TPS or CTPS is still not keeping out unwanted calls, then you can file a complaint. The next time you receive a call, take note of the date, time, the company’s or caller’s name, and the number they used. Then file a complaint with Ofcom or the Information Commissioner’s Office. Even if you do not have all the information stated above, you can still lodge a complaint with the relevant authority.

For automated nuisance calls
Sometimes, you may receive nuisance calls which tell you to press or call a certain number to speak to a live representative. Refrain from doing this because if you ever call such a number, there may be financial charges involved.

Another effective way of dealing with nuisance calls is by purchasing a call blocker from providers such as With a call blocker you can block all unwanted calls, including international calls, fax calls, automated calls, market research calls, and more.

Online Buying Tips For Video Camera

download (20)Almost all the gadgets released by these manufacturers have proved effective in several domains. You can either use these gadgets personally or professionally, depending on your specifications. When it comes to purchasing the newest video recording unit, the most appropriate medium that provides numerous options in this regard is an online purchasing store. Let us discuss in detail some significant purchasing tips:

Explore Different Websites
You must discover different websites to find the best item that matches your specifications and style. A variety of internet purchasing websites has come into existence providing customers an assortment in various designs and models. Be it the newest video recording unit, laptop, cell phone or any other popular electronic item, you will come across a lot on the internet. The first significant phase involves discovering various internet purchasing websites in terms of items and manufacturers. The purchasing website you choose must contain enough items and manufacturers. Moreover, it must deliver items high in quality and reasonable in cost.

Compare Costs Of Different Items
This is another significant purchasing tip for the newest video camera. In addition to discovering different web-sites, you also need to evaluate the costs of different items. Price evaluation is an essential phase in the direction to create a successful buy within the price variety. You might have set a particular price variety for the item you wish to buy. Price evaluation can help you buy within your price variety as you get to know the costs of all items and evaluate them with others. Almost all the purchasing websites support the cost evaluation feature today.

Buy During Festive Times
This is an important step you must adhere to so as to enjoy high-quality devices at a low cost. The joyful year is indeed the best time to create an investment. This is because a greater part of producers declares lower price during the joyful periods to attract the customers. Buying a video camera at a low cost is no more an difficult process now. We have described above some important tips that can help you get your preferred system at a cost-effective amount. Purchasing a video camera at a cost-effective amount is no more common process now.

Some effective tips to easily get rid of android problems

Android, a linux based operating system, was developed in 2007 and little did anyone know that time that it would soon be going to revolutionize the modern era of Smartphones and tablet computers. it indeed has revolutionize the mobile era and is now regarded as one of the most used mobile operating systems thus giving a tough fight to Apple’s iOS and Nokia’s windows. The popularity of android can mostly be attributed to its easy functionality and easy to handle user interface.

There’s no denying the fact that android is indeed one of the most popular operating systems around as most of the companies these days are launching devices based on this OS. However, there are some problems that one could encounter while using their android devices which could hamper the pleasure of operating an android device. Well, if you have also encountered any kind of android problems like hang up, freeze up etc then you can follow the below mentioned tips to get your device back to its usual best.

Here are the tips that can help you getting your device get fixed easily:

  • Switch off the device, remove the battery, leave the phone for a couple of minutes, install the battery and switch it on again. This is one of the easiest ways to miraculously solve all the technical faults that your device is encountering. If it does not solve the issue then the next tip could.
  •  you could update the software of your device which would not only remove the bugs and problems from your device but will also add other features as well that could enhance your android experience multifold. All you have to do is to have a go internet connection to start off the update process.
  • If, even after updating, your phone suffers from the same old problems then restoring your phone to factory settings could be the last option. It would take your phone back to the day it was born thus deleting all the data as well.

One thing that you must do before doing anything on your device is to make sure that your device is properly backed up on the SD card. Take back up of messages, contacts and every other important thing before performing any operation to make your device run on a full tilt again.

Is The Telephone Really Such A Blessing?

TelephoneThink of all the marvels in the modern world which make everyday life so simple. Think simple things like vacuum cleaners, washing machines, central heating and refrigerators.

Could we live without them? This is something few would wish to contemplate. However, mention the word telephone and there might be a healthy response.

Why does day-to-day life mean we have to be totally available 24 hours of every single day? Why is it now impossible to enjoy even the briefest outing without a telephone emitting annoying and intrusive electronic trash?

The obvious plus points of having a mobile phone include security because help will always be available during times of need so long as the trusty mobile is firmly in place in a handbag or pocket. There is nothing as daunting as being alone in a dark lane with a broken down car. A quick call on the mobile can have the cavalry homing into view within a few minutes.

Sheer Bad Manners
Unfortunately, mobile phones have a habit of rearing noisily to life at the most inopportune moments because the owner has either forgotten to turn the device off, or has not given a thought to rendering it silent.

This type of person is known as a phone pest and will not only allow their phone to ring but will blithely take the call, seemingly oblivious to the annoyed glances of all those around them.

Many believe mobile phones should be banned in public and, according to the Independent, these largely include public transport and restaurants.

Let’s face it there is nothing more annoying than listening to one side of a conversation and these are invariably conducted at maximum volume for all to hear. It is almost as though the speaker is trying to announce their importance to the world.

Actors have even been known to round on mobile users when a phone has rung loudly during a performance. Good luck to them! A play can be absolutely ruined and the occasion absolutely destroyed for the rest of the audience by one person’s thoughtless act.

And taking a call during a meal with friends or colleagues is downright rude. Nothing is so important it cannot wait and many restaurants now have notices requesting diners to switch off their mobiles.

The Telephone Downside
Sadly, the need to be permanently connected and available means the mobile user is also easy prey to the chance caller. He who was once the foot-in-the-door salesman now has the means to pester the life out of the innocent phone owner by trying to sell them things they never knew they needed.

These range from financial services and insurances to the old faithful, conservatories and double glazing. Sick to death of being pestered at all times of the day and evening the need for help soon became apparent and now, thankfully, there are organisations like which can actively help shake these annoying and persistent intruders to peaceful home life well and truly off.

The key element is to be a savvy mobile user. Be sensitive to those around you and ensure you abide by the rules of good manners. Keep telephone use in public to the bare minimum and keep it quiet.

Most Popular Features on Business Telephones

Many businesses both small and large nowadays have business telephones – largely for the sheer number of features that they come with. The bulk of these features are aimed at improving efficiency and allowing a business to effectively manage both its incoming and outgoing phone calls with the minimum possible amount of hassle – saving both time and money in the process.

Interconnected Telephones with Voice Mail and Operators
The main hallmark of business telephones is the simple fact that they are interconnected and transferring calls can be done with the push of a button. That in turn enables other features to also be implemented, including the presence of voice mail and automated operators.

Because of how feature-rich these telephones are, it is even possible for voice mail to be forwarded to the email or mobile phones of staff – making it more convenient for them to retrieve any messages when they aren’t at the office.

On the other hand, automated operators that allow clients or customers to reach the people they need to will allow a business to save considerably on the cost of having to hire a manual operator.

Caller ID and Customer Information
While it is true that caller ID isn’t exactly something that is unique to business telephones – it does allow for more advanced features to be included as well.

Imagine having a customer call in, and by tracking their caller ID being able to pull up all relevant information regarding that customer with the tap of a button. That sort of system would need to work in conjunction with computer software, but it is one of the more popular features in business phones – particularly in CRM areas.

Similarly, some businesses have particular databases that they keep regarding clients and the same sort of system can be applied to good effect in such situations too.

All in all, modern business telephones have a ton of features that can help businesses both large and small save money and improve the efficiency of their work. Other areas that are just as popular include specialized line rentals and VoIP applications – both of which are easier to implement when using a unified business telephone system. Assuming you feel that your business could benefit (which it probably could) – the only real question is what sort of features you want from the system that you’re going to install.