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You can spend the value of a popcorn and soda for a decent set of desktop speakers or break the bank on a system that’ll fill your room with excellent sound. Either rely on reviews to assess a speaker’s sound quality or head to your local electronics retailer to test it out for yourself. Additionally, if you’re looking for heavy bass, make sure you pick up a system that includes a subwoofer. If you want to pair speakers with a home theater or surround sound setup, take a look at our overview of 2.0, 2.1, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 channel systems. Our testing showed that these dynamic bookshelf cans offer the right mix of sound reproduction with accurate, balanced frequency response. We found the speakers deliver a deep, rich bass that doesn’t overwhelm, as well as a smooth treble range that doesn’t pierce the eardrums.

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It’s small enough to sit comfortably on a decent-sized desk without taking it over and loud enough to easily be featured as your living room sound system . You are sorely mistaken if you thought this soundbar would miss out on RGB lights. The Katana V2 has bright RGB lighting that accents the bar’s underside and adds a little flair. Though this is quite a large unit for any desk, it might be a tight fit if you don’t have much room to spare for the near 24-inch soundbar.

The Best Computer Speakers In 2022: Boost Your Desktop Sound

High-quality sound and robust extra features are not necessarily mutually exclusive; it depends on the set. And, if your PC has Bluetooth, you can stream music wirelessly to any speaker that accepts it . The Logitech Z407 is a pair of impressive Bluetooth computer speakers that come with a subwoofer and a wireless control puck. The sound system has 80W of speak power and 40W RMS, giving it deep, room-filling sounds that can offer cris highs, powerful mids and lows.

  • If you’re looking for an entry-level way to get your workplace audio sounding better, these speakers are worth considering.
  • That’s right, at nearly seven years old, the A2+ remains a hot commodity among PC owners who want top of the line sound.
  • Digital and analogue connectivity can be found round the back and there’s Bluetooth too.
  • The angled drivers that are tilted at a 45-degree angle fire sound directly towards your ears as well.

Despite the “decorative and non-operational” tweeters, the system produces a nicely balanced and detailed sound that should suit most circumstances. The total RMS power output is quoted at 2 x 8W and 1 x 24W with a peak system power of 80W, which means there is more than enough volume to fill your average home office or bedroom. All the technical gubbins are housed in the subwoofer box so you need to connect your source to that rather than to one of the satellite speakers. Usefully, all the cables that Logitech does supply are 1.5m long so you can spread the units out. Voice mode helps enhance dialogue in narrative-heavy games, while there are also profiles tailored specifically for RPGs and First-Person Shooters. Although it can’t compete with soundbars packing a separate subwoofer, the built-in subwoofer does a decent job at providing a solid bass thump.

Best Computer Speakers 2022: Give Your Pc Or Mac A Serious Audio Upgrade

What was not satisfying was the unusually short 4ft cables, which limit how you can set them up. However, being able to lay the speakers vertically or horizontally is a nice touch. The sound achieved surprisingly balanced audio for a speaker set for only $80—a strong yes for anyone looking to upgrade their current dinky desktop speakers. Fundamentally, though, the audio quality and clean-cut design have these speakers stand out among the crowd. I love how they sound out of the box, but you can also tweak them within the Logitech G Hub app. There’s a lot of bass on offer, but the tweeters are just as capable of throwing out excellent audio.

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It’s also one of the better-looking models out there with a retro-inspired design that’s donned in a wooden veneer and mesh magnetic grille. Go shopping for a cheap speaker system that packs a solid subwoofer thump and you can do much worse than return home with Logitech’s budget Z333. This pricey 2.1 speaker system includes two futuristically designed satellites, a beefy downward-firing subwoofer and a control hub that allows you to select from the impressive range of input sources on offer.

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