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Jimmy/ August 23, 2022/ computer speakers

None of these things is strictly necessary, but some can make your life a lot easier, especially if you’re looking to turn your computer into an audio powerhouse. The computer speakers in this list each have a built-in amplifier with the power output rated in watts . In this list, we assembled the best computer speakers based on use, performance and pricing. All produce a better-sounding audio experience whether you’re working, listening, viewing or gaming.

At $150, Razer’s Nommo Chroma directly competes with several other options on this list. I’d guess that’s mostly people that plan to move around a whole bunch and want something simple, otherwise the Logitech Z407 is a less flashy but more full-featured option. It has a straight to business design, a simple knob to change the volume and muted black color. There is also an easily accessible AUX port right in front of the speaker. The two elegant speakers are powerful enough to produce crisp and clear sounds.

Do Extra Features Matter?

Maybe you dont have any specific need for computer speakers but are still looking to purchase some. If this is the case then you could benefit from an all round design that will work well for anything. Big or small, a pair of speakers are an important component to have when you own a computer. If you are going to use them regularly to play music, you may prefer bigger, louder speakers. Alternatively, if you need computer speakers for work, you many want to invest in good quality ones that can be used for Skype and conference calls with clients.

Sherri L. Smith has been cranking out product reviews for Laptopmag.com since 2011. In that time, she’s reviewed more than her share of laptops, tablets, smartphones and everything in between. The resident gamer and audio junkie, Sherri was previously a managing editor for Black Web 2.0 and contributed to BET.Com and Popgadget. As you can see by the dimensions, The Fives isn’t exactly a pair of computer speakers that rest steadily on any tiny desk, so you’ll definitely want to clear out some space before these arrive on your doorstep. These aren’t speakers you’ll want to keep tucked in deep cabinets, as they look more exquisite sitting next to an Apple Mac Pro or Microsoft Surface Studio.

With Logitech family software, you can also easily adjust the four lighting areas of the speakers for both the front and back lights projection according to your preference. These speakers also feature a high-quality MDF cabinet that has a back bass port that has been particularly tuned and designed to get rid of port turbulence when extending the bass sound. As well as digital and analogue inputs, you can connect via Bluetooth and there’s a remote too, though there’s no smart functionality here.

  • So this means you can drag this small speaker right to the living room and give your TV a sound boost (assuming it’s Bluetooth) or connect your phone and enjoy some tunes on the go.
  • Lee covers all things audio for Tom’s Guide, including headphones, wireless speakers and soundbars and loves to connect and share the mindfulness benefits that listening to music in the very best quality can bring.
  • Housed inside a beautiful wooden enclosure, the pair of 6.5in aluminium mid-to-low-end drivers and 107mm planar tweeters deliver an outstanding 256W of RMS power.
  • If you’re looking for awesome sound and can spare no expense, look no further than the Audioengine A5+ (view on B&H) Its massive speakers will bring studio-quality sound to your desktop.
  • As for mobile gear, I’m surprisingly phone-ambivalent and have swapped between iPhones and Pixels from generation to generation.

For starters, it uses Bluetooth aptX which provides much clearer audio and carries superior sound fidelity than standard Bluetooth. Additionally, these speakers use NFC to communicate with your phone while pairing to make the pairing process faster and in many cases practically automatic. Luckily, in this day and age, you don’t need to hire a bard to sing you tales.

Whether It’s For Music, Gaming Or Movies, A Pair Of The Best Pc Speakers Are A Must If You Want To Enjoy Immersive Audio

This also means you’ll know where the enemies are thanks to the immersive surround sound in video games. The Logitech G560 Surround Speakers are great for movies, music, and video games alike. To connect your speaker to your device, check out our guide on thebest aux cables. Another popular, well-received pair of Klipsch computer speakers, the R-41PM presents fantastic sound and connectivity in a sleek package. Powerful bass, clean mids, and resonant highs demonstrate the unit’s great frequency range. An included sub-out line makes it seamless to add a subwoofer, should you want to boost low frequencies, which isn’t necessary for small settings, but is available nonetheless.

With 5 speakers, surround sound speaker systems deliver immersive 3D-sound experiences in your home. THX certified speakers give you a big theater experience with powerful and lively sound. Logitech products boost not just your movie and music experience, but your PC gaming experience as well. With a surround-sound speaker system, you get the rich, detailed sound you need. Versatile stereo speaker systems produce room-filling sound, and are able to suit entertainment systems, work setups, and more.

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