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Independent, transparent, rigorous and authentic, our reviews are the most thorough and honest in PC gaming. Bose is a name that almost anyone shopping for speakers will be familiar with. A company founded 55 years ago, Bose was catapulted to fame largely due to the success of the tremendously popular quiet comfort headphones. Generally, when measuring how loud something is, the measurement is made in decibels.

It’s small enough to sit comfortably on a decent-sized desk without taking it over and loud enough to easily be featured as your living room sound system . You are sorely mistaken if you thought this soundbar would miss out on RGB lights. The Katana V2 has bright RGB lighting that accents the bar’s underside and adds a little flair. Though this is quite a large unit for any desk, it might be a tight fit if you don’t have much room to spare for the near 24-inch soundbar.

Speakers with a USB input option may also provide a DAC that’s capable of handling high-res audio files. Outside of work, he enjoys long walks in the countryside, skiing down mountains, watching football matches and keeping up with the latest movies. With our comprehensive best computer speakers guide to hand though, you don’t need to worry about buying anything less than the top speaker sets on the market.

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Our top pick for the best computer speakers is the Q Acoustics 3020i for its impeccable sound reproduction and gorgeous design. The frequency spectrum is well represented, with bass leading the sonic brigade; kick snares and drums sound thunderous. You’ll enjoy amazing separation as well, pinpointing instruments, while also picking up on the subtle nuances in orchestral recordings. Build quality is another hallmark of the 3020i, from the curved unibody frame to the multiple sexy finishes the speakers come in. The killer feature here is that you can listen to all of the three analogue inputs and Bluetooth input simultaneously. That means you can stream music wirelessly while still hearing notifications and receiving voice or video calls from your other devices – and that’s genuinely handy.

  • Hit the Test button and the speaker should play tones on both the left and right speakers with the left one playing first.
  • When it comes to design, the Audioengine HD3 speakers have a cool retro look and come in black, cherry and walnut.
  • Razer’s gaming speakers come in different versions, though we’re most fond of the entry-level Nommo based on its overall performance and price.
  • If you need something powerful for an impromptu dance party, the G560 will work in a pinch, and even provide its own light show to go along with the proceedings.
  • You get five satellite speakers and a subwoofer with this set, as well as a remote control and a control box, so it really is for people who want to upgrade their computer audio setup to the max.

It’s also one of the better-looking models out there with a retro-inspired design that’s donned in a wooden veneer and mesh magnetic grille. Go shopping for a cheap speaker system that packs a solid subwoofer thump and you can do much worse than return home with Logitech’s budget Z333. This pricey 2.1 speaker system includes two futuristically designed satellites, a beefy downward-firing subwoofer and a control hub that allows you to select from the impressive range of input sources on offer.

Bose Companion 2 Series Iii: Best Pc Speakers For Minimalist Setups

If you want to enjoy an engaging, immersive audio experience at your desk, you’re going to need to add a pair of the best PC speakers to your desktop setup. Speakers with a 3.5 mm cable are compatible with any computer, laptop, tablet, TV, or smartphone that features a 3.5 mm audio input. USB speakers connect to computers, laptops and gaming consoles with a USB-A port. RCA-enabled speakers are compatible with your TV, Blu-Ray, and DVD player. You get five satellite speakers and a subwoofer with this set, as well as a remote control and a control box, so it really is for people who want to upgrade their computer audio setup to the max.

Speaking of the app, it’s simple to operate and makes pairing to multiple speakers around the house a breeze. We just wish it offered more features such as an EQ or presets to personalize sound. An award winner in multiple categories, the KEF LSX is included on our best computer speakers list for numerous reasons. For one, just look at how gorgeous and well-constructed it is, highlighted by the color-matched fabric on each side and the high-gloss finish. Unique details like the Uni-Q driver array, which consists of a 19mm aluminum dome tweeter sitting in the center of a 10cm bass cone, are complementary to the LSX’s appearance as well.

The included software is integral; you use it to configure the lights, activate surround sound and even create profiles for specific games. The simple looks of the Logitech G560 Surround Speakers are enhanced with the inclusion of RGB lights that are capable of blasting colors depending on what’s being displayed on the screen. That’s not all, the 240 watt and distant driver design provide a large sound stage and rich sound.

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