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It’s well built, using well-known components, and there’s plenty of space for further upgrades too. This also impacts the motherboard choice, as DDR5 motherboards tend to cost notably more than their DDR4 brethren. Here Cyberpower has used a budget MicroATX B660 motherboard from MSI, the PRO B660M-A WIFI, which as the name suggests, adds Wi-Fi 6 support to the mix. Don’t worry though, there’s an ethernet port of speedy wired connections too.

This is likely to be one of the most important considerations you have when choosing what laptop to buy. The best laptops need to be able to let you work – and play – for hours on end without you having to scramble for a power adapter. Modern laptops are getting ever more power-efficient, which has led to longer battery lives. For a laptop to be included in our best laptops list, it needs to offer a battery life of five hours or more.

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We first tested the Aspire XC just a few months ago, and since then it’s been upgraded from Intel’s 9th-gen processors to the latest 10th-gen parts. Most modern CPUs have at least four cores, which is plenty for everyday Windows applications – but others might have eight or more. Having more cores means the chip can do more things at the same time, so multitasking will be smoother. Additionally, some jobs, such as video editing, can be broken up into multiple threads that can be processed simultaneously; for these specific tasks, having more cores can speed up performance significantly. We don’t just offer excellent office chairs and furniture we also pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.

  • Not just in terms of core specs – though this rig does pair with a Ryzen X with Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Super GPU – but in design as well.
  • Picking the best laptop 2022 has to offer is incredibly important.
  • So, whether you’re after a day-to-day tower or a state-of-the-art model for your design work, you’ll be able to browse a range of trusted names.
  • Check ‘This PC’ in the File Explorer window if you’re using Windows to gauge how big your next laptop’s storage needs to be.
  • There are a few downsides you need to consider with all-in-ones, however.

Gaining popularity in recent years, an all-in-one is essentially a PC with all the workings conveniently placed in the screen. There’s no separate tower to contend with, and they’re easy to set up. They come with a keyboard and mouse, and the speakers are usually integrated into the device.

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With iconic designs, high-performance gaming and premium features, Alienware delivers the most immersive experiences. The Dell XPS 8940 may not look like a gaming PC, but it’s got it where it counts. This subtle little Dell PC is small, quiet, straightforward, affordable, and packed with exactly the right components you’ll need to play the latest games at a steady clip. Just be aware that no matter how you design the MEG Trident X, it’s going to be expensive. Furthermore, the accessories it comes with — the MSI Clutch GM11 Mouse and MSI Vigor GK30 Keyboard — are mediocre at best, and disappointing at worst. Still, in terms of both physical design and raw performance, the MEG Trident X is one of the most gorgeous and functional gaming PCs on the market today.

Apart from that, the Vengeance i7200 features beautiful RGB lighting, a tasteful glass side panel and extremely quiet fans. That makes it a good productivity tool in addition to a gaming powerhouse. Whether you game in QHD or 4K, there’s almost certainly a Vengeance i7200 build that will work with your setup. A longer battery life allows you to use your laptop for longer periods while away from home, not near a power outlet or in the event of a power outage.

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