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Matching your personal profile with best fit opportunities in the job market; Creating a timeline of actions to improve your prospects of meeting your aim. Develop the knowledge and awareness required to make good career decisions and the skills and confidence to successfully navigate each stage of the recruitment process for graduate jobs. Develop perspectives on the key challenges faced by humankind such as environmental change, pollution, food security, energy provision, conflicts, terrorism, emerging diseases, and changing demographics. Understand the overwhelming complexity of the problems and the need for interdisciplinary approaches to create solutions.

If you have worked on other, non-games related creative projects, you are welcome to show that in your portfolio, as everything that can demonstrate your creativity and commitment is welcome. Please note that our system has a maximum file size of 20mb so you may need to host your work elsewhere and upload a link. UK students offered a place on this MA are eligible to apply for the BAFTA Scholarship Programme. ‍As an international student, studying life in South East London is fresh to me, which gives me a chance to feel the local’s life in London.


This £1,000 award is open to all prospective new postgraduate students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Develops the core programming competence of students using DirectX and console hardware programming. You do not need to prove your knowledge of English language if you are a national of certain countries.

  • Breakthrough innovation often creates new categories of product or transforms the historical ways of doing things.
  • The inKUbator provides games students with the opportunity to hear and learn from a large number of industry speakers and to work together in interdisciplinary teams to create games.
  • This programme allows you to develop the business/entrepreneurial skills and attributes to commercialise on your creative and cultural practices and/or knowledge.
  • This is the member of academic staff who will provide academic guidance, be a support throughout your time at Kingston and who will show you how to make the best use of all the help and resources that we offer at Kingston University.
  • Our in-country representatives can help you make your application and apply for a visa.

Applicants will typically require a Alapfokozat or Egyetemi Oklevél with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the field of computing. Applicants will typically require a Bachelor or Fachhochschuldiplom / Diplom with a score of 3.5 in the field of computing. Applicants will typically require a Diplôme d’Ingénieur / Licence / Grade de Licence / Licence Professionnelle / Grade de Licence Professionnelle with a minimum score of 12 in the field of computing.

Hard Surface Modelling For Games

You will not only learn about mainstream and traditional video game development, but also explore allied and emerging disciplines such as serious and educational game development, augmented and virtual reality, as well as simulations. You’ll have the opportunity to execute a 30-week work placement in the industry, which you can complete at home or overseas. The experience allows you to place the specialist knowledge and skills acquired on the course in a real world working context. On the course, you will learn a range of technical and professional skills, including understanding fundamentals and advanced coding practices, graphics programming, network communications and artificial intelligence. You will work independently and in teams, as well as develop strong written and oral communication skills.

The second part explores approaches procedural content generation for environments, narrative and others forms of game content. The course also covers Procedural Content Generation, and explores the techniques used to simulate intelligence in the latest videogames. Graduates of our School go on to work for giants in the field such as Intel and Panasonic, but the corporate route isn’t for everyone. Some of the most exciting and innovative work in the field is being developed by small start-up companies.

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