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The Print Screen, Scroll Lock, and Pause/Break keys are at the top-right corner of the keyboard. The Print Screen key takes a picture of your screen that you can edit or save using a graphics program. Scroll Lock and Pause/Break are rarely used today, so some keyboards don’t have them.

  • Fans are used to cool the components, to prevent a meltdown from occurring.
  • Depending on the motherboard, you can add video and graphics cards, a Solid State Drive and more.
  • Students may be asked to show program identification at mealtime.
  • This is where input/output devices such as a keyboard, mouse, and speakers get plugged in.
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All the hard drives and CDs are known as the secondary memory of a computer system. The Graphics Processing Unit is used as a co-processor to enhance the performance of the Central Processing Unit in engineering and scientific computing. It offloads some of the time-consuming parts of program codes, to improve the performance of the CPU. The Graphics Processing Unit boosts the CPU performance by providing a parallel processing facility.

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The Control , Alternate , and Shift keys are designed to work in combination with other keys. Typically, you hold down Ctrl, Alt, or Shift and then type another key to perform a specific task. For example, in many programs, typing Ctrl+S will save a file. The monitor works with a video card, located inside the computer case, to display images and text on the screen.

The results of the arithmetic operations are stored in the processor. The Control Unit fetches the instructions from the memory and facilitates their execution. The motherboard of a computer is the circuit board on which all the basic and high-end chipsets are installed.

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To learn the basics of using a mouse, check out our interactive Mouse Tutorial. The Escape key allows you to stop a function or action. For example, if a webpage is taking a long time to load, you can press the Escape key to stop loading it. Watch the video below to learn about the basic parts of a computer. Thank you for reading, and we have come to the end of this short guide.

Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory Module (SO-DIMM) and Dual In-Line Memory Module reference the physical size of a memory stick. As a rule, SO-DIMMs are smaller and reserved for laptops and mini-PCs, while DIMMs are for full-size desktops. Double Data Rate is the most common type of memory used by modern computers. It’s faster than DDR3, which is nearly obsolete, but still capable of fulfilling the needs of most users. Newegg is consistently ranked as one of the best online shopping destinations, and the company regularly earns industry-leading customer service ratings. We use Google Analytics to help improve the quality of the services we offer.

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