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If you’re not sure which small business idea best suits you then going onto an online course website could be the answer you are looking for. Sites like and offer a wide range of courses that could very well give you the skills you are looking for. Keen to set up a business or social enterprise but still looking for your business idea? In addition to our face-to-face services, try these resources for inspiration and guidance. Most products solve a problem or make an existing product better, so get into the habit of seeing opportunities, needs that aren’t being met and things that could be made a lot better.

This is not a business idea for everyone as you will need good social skills and a passion for your sport of choice. Visiting local sports clubs is a great way to introduce yourself to the community and see what opportunities are available. You can even use the time spent coaching potentially for networking purposes. Golf is a prime example where business people go to relieve stress and use the time to develop relationships outside the office. In a fast paced and overworked world, everyone needs to try and find some sort of release to help stress levels. This has in effect created a large demand for tai chi and yoga instructors that can provide the stress relief with classes focused around deep-breathing and relaxation.

It’s also a very flexible and can fit around any timetable, a great place to start would be on a website like Upwork which hosts a wide range of job opportunities. Being a virtual assistant can allow you to network with important people which might end up being incredibly valuable in the future. Do you have a gift for keeping everything organised and consider yourself to be a jack of all trades? You might just want to consider becoming a virtual assistant for a company. Download a PDF of a presentation ‘What makes a good startup idea?


We’ve lent millions of pounds to thousands of startup businesses. If you are interested in getting affordable finance to start your dream business, find out how much you could borrow with our startup loan calculator. If you’ve got a great idea for a business and want to check out your finance options, take a look at ouraffordable Start Up Loan calculatorto see how much you could borrow.

  • Believe it or not, people run businesses based around picking up dog poop.
  • You can also go for themes like yoga, beer brewing, or pets—the possibilities are pretty much limitless.
  • If you know you want to start a business but haven’t had that lightbulb moment of inspiration, don’t worry.
  • Not only are you going into someone’s home but you are making changes to its appearance, and house proud customers want the perfect finish.

If you already have a suitable property, the next thing you’ll need is the appropriate insurance and to list your home on a third-party platform such as or the official Airbnb website. You’ll need a good level of physical fitness if you intend to try startup ideas like this, as well as an understanding of how dogs behave and a master harness . In some areas, you may also need a license to be a professional dog walker, so it’s always best to check what’s needed before you open your business.

From the Pet Rock to Glitter Bombs: 10 Ridiculous Business Ideas that Succeeded

Then why not make use of it by renting it out on the popular site Airbnb. It’s great for turning a profit and you will get to meet new people who might turn into great friends. Until we transition to visual content for everything there will always be a need for proof-readers. Helping companies and individuals with proofreading can be very profitable and also can give you something interesting to read about.

The beauty of consultancy is that it can be in any industry as there are always people and companies looking for an outside opinion when needed. Use it as a long term revenue model – This is arguably the most difficult of the two options but it can provide the best results. This approach will require you to take and own the brand/website you purchase and make it your own. You will have to be up to date with all of the latest marketing practices and emplore a long term marketing strategy that will stand the test of time. Setting up a profile takes just minutes and you could simply start off by creating one product to test the waters, for the right person it really is a wonderful business opportunity. If tech really isn’t your strong suit or you are just not interested in using it then why not set up your very own ladies club?

Help connect musicians with local events and businesses

Because consumer app development isn’t the only path for entrepreneurs. New apps for the Shopify App Store crop up daily, with a market of motivated businesses eager to find the tools they need. Affiliate marketing refers to a performance-based marketing tactic where a business pays people, a.k.a. affiliates, to promote and sell products for them.

Businesses that sell online and offer different delivery services will continue to win. A social media manager is responsible for creating and analyzing content for brands’ social accounts. Clients will pay you to create engaging content, write attractive vios, respond to comments, run ads, and more.

If you want to expand and target the larger UK market, you’re going to need a decent eCommerce platform, order management system and payment gateways setup. Getting bookings on short-term rental platforms is all about photos and reviews. So, make sure you have professional photos of your property and set your price at the lower end of average to get bookings/ those all-important positive reviews . To get started, you need to create an account and list your property/room for rental and the periods it’s available. You’ll need to provide a detailed subscription, photos and set pricing . You also need to build an attractive brand, website and marketing materials.

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