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Speakers with Bluetooth aptX technology avoid most of the sound-quality compromises that can mar the audio quality of lesser Bluetooth speakers. However, some high-end speakers also offer Wi-Fi connectivity, which uses your Wi-Fi network to deliver improved wireless sound quality. This often goes hand in hand with the option of linking multiple speakers together as part of a multiroom speaker system. To an extent, testing to find the best computer speakers isn’t that different to testing one of the best Bluetooth speakers or even a soundbar.

Take one look at these speakers from Harman Kardon and the next time you hear the words “futuristic design,” you’ll think of them. These things look like something out of Minority Report— more like chemistry equipment than computer speakers. You could place them as a centerpiece in a modern home and they’d fit right in. We independently research, test, review, and recommend the best products—learn more about our process. Gabe Carey is a writer and editor with 7+ years’ experience covering technology and gaming. The solidly built units come in satin black, glossy white or glossy red to match your aesthetics.

If you can find them at closer to £100 than Bose’s £140 list price, then they’re a safe bet. It’s powered via USB and has a battery inside and it supports Bluetooth playback, so you can use it wire free if you like. If not, it can be hooked up via a 3.5mm audio cable to your laptop or PC and there’s even, rather quaintly, a USB port for MP3 file playback.

You can attach it with yourfavorite DVD playeras well if you need flexibility in the TV room. Overall, if you are in the market for a 5.1 speaker system at a reasonable price, this is by far the most feature-rich and rich in sound experience. With a background in media studies and game design, she’s reviewed a variety of audio products including speakers, stereos, and streaming devices. She liked the solid audio capabilities of the Razer Nonmo Pro and the extra features. Another winner from the hi-fi goliath, the M20 HD is a fine-looking pair of computer speakers that seamlessly integrates into any audio setup, while delivering full-bodied sound.

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These additional connection options are very welcome and mean the MR1 can gamely double-up as TV speakers if you don’t own a soundbar. You can even use them as portable speakers if you’re willing to fork out an additional £69 for Ruark’s battery pack, the BackPack 3. We’ve tested a huge number of options and below you’ll find our pick of the best PC speakers available at a range of price points.

  • There’s certainly no shortage of budget-friendly speakers out there, but these picks are some of the best computer speakers you can get.
  • The soundbar paired with the included subwoofer offers an immersive media experience.
  • At a glance, it’s easy to mistake the GP9 as just a standard gaming soundbar.
  • They’re capable enough to work as your everyday speakers, and will look suitably stylish while doing it.

The Fives from Klipsch look and sound fantastic, with far more connectivity options than your standard pair of bookshelf speakers. You’ll mostly find 2.1 setups for the PC market covering just left/right channels and a subwoofer—perhaps more often than that, even devoid of a subwoofer for a 2.0 setup. That’s mainly because that fits the bill for a desktop and monitor, with the speakers in front of the user for decent stereo sound. The Razer Nommo Chroma is a huge upgrade from your old dinky desk speakers. The large cylindrical speakers look a bit like the engines of the USS Enterprise but provide crisp, clear audio and deep bass. That bass is driven by rear facing bass ports that offer a more booming response on the low-end than your traditional two-tweeter setup might.

Best Leds:gogroove Basspulse Led Computer Speakers

This is a term that is found on the spec sheet of almost any audio related equipment ranging from headphones to microphones and, in this case, speakers. For a little perspective, a vacuum cleaner is roughly 70 decibels and an average lawn mower runs at around 90. Below, we’re looking at our top five picks for the best computer speakers on the market right now but let’s go over a few things to keep an eye on while shopping. Depending on what you plan to use your new speakers for it can be important to keep an eye out for certain features. We have the experience and the know-how to help you select the perfect product for you. Our industry veterans know what they are talking about and how to cut through the jargon to make your job choosing the right machine as easy as possible.

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The Bose Companion 20 speakers is one of the HiFi computer speakers, enhancing your computer’s audio sound with perfect natural sound if you are a few inches from where the screen is or even across the room. Although designed as a desktop speaker, the dimensions of 7.75 x 7 x 10.75 inches are for a standard Hi-Fi speaker size that will require a bigger desk. The top rated audiophile computer speakers are the high quality Audioengine A5 + PC Sound System True Stereo Sound and if you want a smaller size, go for the Kanto Powered Desktop Speakers. If powerful, thumping bass is high on your priority list – then a 2.1 system like the Logitech Z533 is the way to go. The speakers in most laptops and computer monitors are woeful, but in nearly all cases you can get a big audio upgrade by spending very little.

Bluetooth, optical, analogue and USB can all be connected simultaneously and switched between at the simple press of a button. The SoundSlayer can connect to devices via Bluetooth, which is great for when you want to blast out a Spotify playlist from your phone, and works well with next-gen gaming consoles, too. So, if you’ve been lucky enough to bag a PS5 or Xbox Series X you can enjoy the immersive sonic experience it provides on your console in addition to your PC. Everything is easily controlled using the included remote, but you will need HDMI cables to hook the speaker up, as it doesn’t come with any in the box. Above the £300 level, you’re getting into audiophile territory so it’s worth doing a bit of research of your own before buying.

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