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The process of assembling your own PC is actually very simple in contrast to most people’s expectations. Compared to our researching part section, actual assembly is a much simpler task. Most users are often overwhelmed at the idea of assembling their own PC from scratch. However, over the years, the desktop PC industry has become quite standardized. It’s almost impossible these days to install the individual pieces, cables and connectors in the wrong location.

  • Hey, everyone–this week I’m going to walk you through building your own desktop computer!.
  • In that case, refer to resources like PC Part Picker or Newb Computer Build’s example builds to find suitable replacements.
  • Generally, the more of these features you require on the motherboard, the larger in size and price they become, so keep that in mind.
  • This is a good opportunity to plug in the SATA Data cables between any storage drives and the motherboard as well.
  • For instructions on installing your hard drive, consult its owner’s manual.

As static shocks could ruin parts and turn your day into very bad day because of spending money on something that don’t work…. The worst that will happen is that you’ll have to go back and install Windows. The best is that you’ll save a couple of hundred bucks and have a nearly bulletproof system.

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Once you’ve figured out which way your PSU needs to be oriented, and screwed on the mounting bracket, you can easily slide it into your case and tighten the bracket’s screws. Depending on how much room you have for your PSU, you may want to hold off on screwing it in until you’ve plugged in all of its various power cables. This is why you try and do as much as possible outside of the case. Usually installing the ram is the first step , and then m.2 drives. Now you install the motherboard raisers , and make sure your Cpu cooler doesn’t have a bracket that needs to connect to the back of the motherboard. If you did it the way they suggested, you would know have to uninstall everything , just to take out the motherboard so you can install the coolers rear mounting bracket.

Similarly, check if the drives are registered and whether or not your memory is operating at the right frequencies. Along your motherboard, you will have a lot of different pins and ports and what have you. You will need to use these to hook up your power, reset, and other I/O buttons and ports. If you have an M.2 SSD, refer to your motherboard manual to see where it should go.

Refer to your case’s manual if you’re having trouble finding them. Once the standoffs are screwed in, you’re ready to insert your motherboard. We’ve attempted to simplify the process of building a gaming PC as much as possible here, but if you’re not familiar with PC hardware, some of the terms in this guide may need some clarification. We’ve briefly explained some of the parts and terminology we’ll be using below. Feel free to reference this section as you work on your build. We know this can be overwhelming, so we created example builds from hardware available at the time of writing.

A monitor connects with one DisplayPort or HDMI cable, and high-end models may have a USB-C video input. Often there’s legacy VGA, also known as D-Sub, or DVI inputs. Monitors can be flat or curved, and 1080p is the basic resolution, but 1440p is becoming the gamers choice as you can see more game detail.

An easy button for you to buy the product on the e-tailer sites with ease. You can share the build list with your friends or to the forum for more opinion on you PC build. Simply save the planned build list first if you haven’t yet decided to purchase your rig at the moment. Mount the Power Supply into the chassis and secure it with all the screws.

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Another factor you should think about is having excellent fans for efficient and effective cooling. Gaming in 1440p requires almost double , and 4K requires quadruple the power needed to run games at 1080p. Fast 120 or 144-hertz refresh rates are double the standard 60 hertz, so there’s another doubling or more of the graphics power needed to drive them. Modular power supplies can reduce cable clutter in your build, and can make wiring components and cable management easier. And note that CPU and PCI 6+2 connectors may look the same, but they won’t fit each other’s sockets. With these tips, you should be able to easily pick your new PSU.

In that case, refer to resources like PC Part Picker or Newb Computer Build’s example builds to find suitable replacements. Whether you’re building a high-end performance machine or a budget-friendly PC, we’ve got you covered. I appreciate all of your tips and steps for how to put together a computer. My brother is wanting to get some new computer parts and this article will be super useful to him. I will make sure to pass along this information about hot to assemble a computer to help him put his new parts together when he gets them.

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