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This is the last thing to check as it can be the most time-consuming. Reconnecting your RAM and CPU or simply switching the RAM sticks into different slots could be the solution you’re looking for. You’ll want a tube of thermal paste to keep your CPU’s temperature low during use.

Our particular cooler required us to plug a micro-USB cable into our pump and the other side into our motherboard. Installing your cooling system can be a somewhat nerve-wracking experience, particularly when applying the thermal paste, but it’s a lot easier than it sounds. The first thing you need to do is mount the system’s bracket to the motherboard. You’ll need access to the back of the motherboard tray, as you’ll be screwing part of it to the back of the tray. This’ll give you the spots you need to set the cooler’s pump onto your CPU and motherboard.

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Also if you get a motherboard that supports overclocking, it may require dual ATX 8pin for the CPU, check to make sure your power supply has them. Some high-end cards are longer or use up even more PCI space. Make sure to check that beforehand to choose the appropriate case that could fit the graphics card.

  • They usually measure around inches tall, inches long, and more than 8 inches wide.
  • Some people choose not to include an optical drive in their PC build if they don’t plan on using optical discs.
  • It requires a little bit of force, but make sure you’re not installing the RAM backward.
  • Building a gaming PC from scratch is the only sure-fire way to ensure that your system is capable of satisfying all of your personal preferences.

Building your own PC is the best way to ensure that your machine will meet all of your needs and preferences. With the right preparation and instruction, anyone can build their own PC. If you are new in building a PC or have any query, you can directly share it with our community and the PC experts will help you build your PC. We’ve written more than 1M+ lines of algorithm codes, just to make sure you will always get the best pc compatibility with each and every available pc parts effectively. Not sure what’s the actual price of the pc component you’re going to buy?

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Do you need a PC for intense gaming or heavy multimedia production? Here are some tips you need to take into consideration when choosing your parts. Connect one end of the SATA cable to the SATA ports on the motherboard, and the other end to the storage devices (2.5’’ inches / 3.5’’ inches) itself. Now that you’re sure you have a working computer, you can now tidy up the cables at the back and use the Velcro straps and zip ties to secure everything in place. Very important to refer to your case’s and your motherboard’s manual to identify which screw to use– or if you’re simply confused.

Most power supplies will have a whole bunch of cabling and connectors coming out of the rear. Most hard drives are SATA which use simple, small cables for a data connection. Look carefully at the cable ends and the connector on the drive and match them up. Only one drive can be connected to each SATA port on the motherboard.

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