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Regardless of how challenging it can be to source the parts you need, learning how to build a PC is still a fulfilling task, regardless of what the best graphics cards are going for right now. The process actually remains the same – you need to research and choose the components that will make up the the PC you’re trying to put together. For instructions on installing the processor, power supply, and putting the motherboard in the case, consult each component’s owner’s manual. The act of installation or assembling parts isn’t complicated, but there is the potential for errors to occur. That’s why it’s best to follow the more detailed step-by-step instructions for each specific part.

Plug the largest cabling connector from the power supply cabling into the motherboard power connector. Plug the power cable attached to the cooler fan into the motherboard connector. Make sure the CPU cooler is installed directly to the back of the CPU metal housing.

God bless… Looking forward for other future knowledge sharing. Be careful as there are some items which must be installed in a certain order . For instance, you could easily switch around steps , or even do what’s called an ‘out of the case’ build. You may have heard about electrostatic discharge , or simply ‘static’ being harmful to computer parts. If you’ve ever shocked yourself from static when touching a metal object, that’s what this is referring to. If this is the first computer you’ve built, it can pay to make sure you do a bit of forward planning.

Introduction: How To Build A Desktop Computer

Squeeze about a grain-of-rice sized amount of thermal paste onto the CPU if the heat sink/cooling fan are not brand new out of the box. This is the part in which you’ll have to install the operating system of your choice. You can check out our how to install Windows 10 on a new PC guide that covers everything from creating a bootable Windows 10 USB to successfully activating the OS. You can also download and install Windows 11 if you’d like to check out Microsoft’s new operating system.

  • This will then spread out evenly as you mount the cooler in place.
  • You’ll need to consider the amount of VRAM on the card because it’s crucial to your GPU’s performance.
  • These go up to 2 terabyte capacities, some reaching 4 terabytes.
  • You need to line up the arrow/triangle on the top of the CPU with the one on the socket or its cover.
  • These screws should be snug but not tight, there is no reason to torque down on them, hand tight is fine, otherwise you can damage the motherboard.

Attach the processor to the motherboard by finding the processor port on the motherboard’s surface. An indicator on CPU and motherboard will show you the correct orientation. The power supply will usually go near the top or the bottom rear of the case. You can determine where the power supply is supposed to sit by looking for a missing section on the back of the case.

How To Build A Computer: A Beginners Guide To A New Pc

The method of installing your hard drive will depend on your case. Make sure to read the instructions on your case for more information. The details of the installation process differ in slight but important ways for each manufacturer’s processors, and even within a manufacturer’s product line.

Depending on which liquid-cooler you’re using, you may also need to plug in a second four-pin cable into a dedicated AIO cooler or optional cooler header on your motherboard. The amount of money you spend on the parts of a computer will vary. If you’re building a PC to save money, you’ll probably want to at least match the performance of a store-bought desktop or laptop while spending less.

Select The Type Of Computer

RAM allows your operating system to hold more data in a very quick access area, instead of having to access it from slower storage devices. The latest desktop version is DDR4, and having more is useful for a snappier responding PC. Also DDR4 RAM can come with RGB lighting on top to match your build and theme. Coolers need to provide corresponding brackets, as bracket positioning may vary slightly depending on the socket on the motherboard.

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