How To Sell Your Broken Phone Or Tablet For Cash

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How To Sell Your Broken Phone Or Tablet For Cash


There are many reasons why you might want to sell your broken phone or tablet. Maybe you’ve upgraded to a new device, but still, have an old one sitting around. Maybe you don’t use it anymore and would rather get some cash for it. Or maybe it’s in such bad shape that you can’t even turn it on! If all of these things apply to you, then read on because we have great news! We’ll tell you the best website to sell your broken phone or tablet for cash, why it’s a smart idea, and how much you could make if someone buys it.

What is the best website to sell my phone or tablet?

The best website to sell your broken phone or tablet is sell cracked phone, a marketplace that allows you to sell in minutes and gets you top dollar for your broken mobile devices.

We pay cash for phones, tablets, and other smart devices in any condition, without repairs or appraisals!
Check out our pricing guide for trading in your used iPhone XS Max or other smartphone:

Why sell your broken phone or tablet?

  • You can get cash for your old phone, even if it is broken
  • You can sell your phone on a website like The Whiz Cells, or you can sell it to a second-hand phone store
  • You can get cash fast

Who to sell your broken phone to?

There are several ways you can sell your broken phone or tablet for cash.

  • The Whiz Cells has a simple process that lets you get the most money possible for your device. They will pay out more than other buyers because they have experience in repairing and refurbishing damaged devices as well as selling them for parts to repair shops across the country.
  • Carrier trade-in programs require you to mail in your equipment before receiving money, making them tough to use. Shipping gadgets is expensive and time-consuming, therefore some consumers may prefer another option of getting compensated sooner instead of waiting several weeks for their carrier company check after mailing their phone off in an envelope!
  • Local cell phone retailers may buy faulty phones if they have space or if someone needs one immediately but doesn’t want to spend much on a used one (which might not work very well either). However, since these stores don’t promise how much money they’ll offer upfront, why chance it?

How to sell your iPhone

If you’re looking to sell your iPhone or any other smartphone or tablet, The Whiz Cells is here to help. We buy broken iPhones and other devices to recycle their parts and turn them into new phones. We offer a fast, easy process for selling smartphones online using our website and mobile app.

Here’s how it works:

  • Enter the model number of your phone or tablet on our website.
  • Within seconds, you’ll receive an offer from us that includes a prepaid shipping label so we can send you a shipping box with tracking information as soon as possible (within 24 hours). Once we receive your device in the pre-paid shipping box, we will inspect it and issue payment via PayPal within 24 business hours of receipt (Monday through Friday). If there are any issues with your phone or tablet that prevent us from accepting it for recycling purposes, we will contact you and prioritizes each transaction based on urgency so customers can expect timely responses within 24 hours Monday through Friday.*

Step 1 – Get a quote on your phone

Get a quote on your phone or tablet. To get a quote, you just need to tell us a few details about your device and how much you’re looking to sell it for. We’ll send you an email with all the details and our best offer within 1 hour (usually much less).

The information that we need from you is:

  • Make/model of the phone (e.g., iPhone 7)
  • Amount of storage space left on the device (e.g., 16 GB)
  • Color of your phone/tablet

Step 2 – Send your device to us

To get started, simply drop your device off at a local pick-up point or post it to us. We’re able to accept devices from anywhere in the UK and Ireland so there’s no need to worry about whether or not we can accept yours.

If mailing your device, include proof of purchase and an address label. If the phone is damaged, our team will tell you promptly. We’ll send a cheque within 48 hours if we think your phone is worth something!

Step 3 – Get paid for your old smartphone or tablet!

Once we receive your phone or tablet, you’ll be paid within 5 business days via PayPal. Also get an Amazon gift card for your device.

You can also get cash for any phone you have that is broken, in any condition

Can get cash for any phone you have that is broken, in any condition. The WhizCells team will buy your broken phone or tablet and recycle it responsibly, then you will receive a check within 7 days of them receiving it!

It’s fast, easy, and convenient to sell your broken phone on The WhizCells website. No need to worry about shipping or anything like that – just fill out the form with all the details of your device, then wait for them to send an email with instructions on where to ship it from there.


We’re excited to help you get cash for your broken phone or tablet. With the correct website, selling a broken equipment is easy. We offer amazing process content on our site if you want to learn more!

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