Programming Software: Types of Software in Computer

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Programming Software: Types of Software in Computer

Programming Software is a collection of data that has been formatted and stored digitally. There are many types of software that are usually used on computers.

The components in electronic devices used for arithmetic calculations are also divided into three parts, consisting of hardware, software, and brainware or computer users themselves. Usually, programming software is stored in the form of instructions or programs that will be executed based on input from computer devices. In Indonesian, the software is referred to as software or software.

What is Software?

Software is a very important device in a computer. Without software, the computer cannot execute commands properly according to what we input.

No wonder because the software has such an important role.

Software is electronic data in the form of instructions and programs that manage by a computer. In essence, this device facilitates human work, for example creating documents, processing images, and so on. The software has many functions, including making the computer run according to the user’s instructions.

General Software Functions

  1. The basic function of the software is to detect hardware devices on the computer and manage hardware devices so that they can work properly.
  2. The next software function is for media connecting other software with hardware in the computer
  3. Not only that, but the software also functions to identify programs and translate software into special languages ​​so that they can work well together.

Types of Software

Some people often equate the understanding between applications and software. But in fact, the application is part of the software. There are many types of computer software. These developments are increasingly rapid because of the technology we encounter today.

Here are the types of software tools you should know:

1. Operating system in software programming

The name of the operating system in English is the Operating System or OS. In a computer, its existence is very important because without this device the computer cannot run. It is the most complex type of software with many functions, such as managing hardware, giving instructions to the processor, and many others.

The OS also ensures that the software can do its job properly without disturbing others. Typically, the operating system grants the device permission to run applications at a time only. In the operating system, we find software such as Microsoft Windows, Unix, Macintosh operating systems, Linux, and many others.

2. Word processing software

As the name implies, in writing we can use the type of software that belongs to this group. An example of the most popular software for this type is Microsoft Word. Microsoft Corporation releases applications packaged with Excel, Powerpoint, and so on. This application has many foreign names that have been widely used. This application has many advantages, especially the full features available.

Besides Word, we can use other word processing software. For example, Corel Wordperfect is cheaper than Word. We can use star office Writer which is multiplatform in other applications

3. Number Processing Software

The computer use Number Processing Software to do numerical calculations.

This software can find answers to all the addition, division, multiplication, and subtraction formulas that its users need.
Same with word processing software, there are many examples of software to process numbers.

The most popular is Excel.

This application has a friendly interface with standard menus needed to process numbers.

Its nature is shareware so users have to pay in order to enjoy the application.
Besides Exel, there is also Lotus 123 which has more complete features and can exchange documents with other platforms.

4. Antivirus Software in software programming

Computer networks use a type of software in the form of Virus Protection Software. The task of this application is to detect and remove viruses that enter the computer system. This software determines whether the system has a virus or not. Generally, this type of software works by scanning files and documents on a computer. In addition, its function is also to protect and provide security for data and documents on the computer. That way users don’t have to worry if they want to save their important files and documents. Many antivirus software often uses Norton, Avira, Smadav, McAfee Secure, and others.

Such is the explanation of the types of software that exist in the computer system. The media connection between producers and customers to facilitate buying and selling transactions is a website because today’s website is the same as software It is the same with website creation services which are now starting to be in great demand by SMEs who are trying to expand their operations.

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