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Chances are that if a problem begins after software starts, the software is causing it. If the problem appears directly upon startup, it may be caused by software that starts automatically on boot. Uninstall any recently installed programs and see if the problem continues. To fix this, open up the Task Manager in Windows 10 by pressing CTRL + Shift + Esc on your keyboard. In the Task Manager window, click on the ‘Start-up’ tab at the top of the window. This lists all the apps and programs that load when Windows 10 starts up.

Something on your computer may not be working simply because it isn’t plugged in properly, or at all. Make sure all parts are secured snugly to each other and that all sockets are working normally. If you’re not quite sure what the problem is, or none of those solutions worked for you, our tips below might help you get your computer up and running again. Download, install, and update the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool. Open your Task Manager and stop processes that are taking up a lot of memory or CPU power.

Your computer has installed a virus or other malware program. Either uninstall the program which is causing the error, or visit the developer’s website to make sure you have the latest version installed. It’s important to keep Windows 10 updated to ensure that your PC runs as well as possible, whilst also being protected against the latest security threats. Even the best antivirus software won’t keep you safe if your version of Windows is out of date.

Protect Your Important Data

Now check the checkbox next to Maximum memory and enter the maximum amount RAM you have installed . For example, You may have 4GB of RAM, but your PC only uses 2GB when you check it from the Task Manager. If the PC doesn’t start after the beeps, then it’s usually difficult to solve the problem yourself.

  • We are here to help you with a complete guide on hard drive problems and solutions that will help you resolve all kinds of unwanted situations.
  • Simply turn your system off and remove its power cord or battery.
  • Your computer’s hard drive could be damaged or failing, or it could have a full memory.
  • Ensure your computer is turned on completely when you hit your power button.
  • If your hard drive’s icon is not getting displayed on My Computer, then launch the Disk Management tool on it.

The main reason behind this is due to lack of enough resources. Make sure your printer driver is up to date and is functioning normally. The solution provided below will help you solve most of the underlying issues. In most cases, it’s happening due to the motherboard, and not the fan itself.

Top 10 Most Common Computer Problems

Below are some common reasons for BSOD and their solutions. The dreaded Blue Screen of Death can occur due to both software and hardware problems, but usually, it’s a hardware problem. Whatever the cause, BSOD requires immediate attention as it’s a sign of a big problem. To help you troubleshoot common PC problems yourself, I have listed 15 most common PC hardware problems and what your options are if you face any of them. It is possible that your computer has been infected by a virus or malware – that is why it keeps on restarting. You can run a complete virus scan by using Windows Defender.


Resetting your Dell Laptop is one of the best ways to fi some of the problems that your computer may be facing. But resetting the laptop can be a problem for most people since it means that you lose most or all of the data on the device. This is why it is important to ensure that you back up all the data on our Dell laptop before you attempt to factory reset the laptop. Now you want to make sure the printer and computer are communicating correctly. If you recently downloaded an update to your operating system, it might interfere with the printer.

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