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The regular function of the 7 key, for example, is to input the number 7, but if you hold down the Shift and 7 keys simultaneously, the ampersand (&) sign is produced. Some keys you should become familiar with are called modifier keys. You’ll probably see some of these in the troubleshooting guides here on this website; the Control, Shift, and Alt keys are modifier keys. Mac keyboards use the Option and Command keys as modifier keys—see Windows Keyboard Equivalents for the Mac’s Special Keys for more on that.

Switching to a much more ergonomic mouse, such as a vertical mouse or joystick mouse may provide relief. The use of any keyboard may cause serious injury to hands, wrists, arms, neck or back. The risks of injuries can be reduced by taking frequent short breaks to get up and walk around a couple of times every hour. As well, users should vary tasks throughout the day, to avoid overuse of the hands and wrists. When inputting at the keyboard, a person should keep the shoulders relaxed with the elbows at the side, with the keyboard and mouse positioned so that reaching is not necessary.

  • The first keyboard microprocessor was introduced in 1972 by General Instruments, but keyboards have been using the single-chip 8048 microcontroller variant since it became available in 1978.
  • Like the alphanumeric characters, it is also descended from the mechanical typewriter.
  • The smaller keyboard with fewer keys or only numeric characters is called a thumb keyboard.
  • Most laptop keyboards are made smaller by placing the keys closer and by including an Fn key.
  • In normal usage, the keyboard is used as a text entry interface for typing text, numbers, and symbols into application software such as a word processor, web browser or social media app.

Our selection includes wired keyboards and wireless keyboards to match your preference. Our wide range of Microsoft keyboards are perfect for those looking to upgrade their keyboard. Apple’s Magic Keyboard is the most comfortable, reliable and good-looking keyboard we’ve ever had the pleasure of using. The Logitech K380 comes with multiple device Bluetooth connectivity and three buttons that allow you to quickly switch from one device to another.

Layout And Ergonomics

I really think it saves me a little bit of time in my working day. Some keyboards just ooze class, and the Das Keyboard Prime 13 is one of them. Its features a solid aluminum top panel for added rigidity and a very minimalistic look. With Cherry’s MX Red or Brown switches under the keycaps, you’re given a choice between linear and non-linear offerings with a range of actuation points. The PFU Happy Hacking Professional 2 has somewhat of a cult following in the keyboard scene, and it’s not hard to see why.

In fact, if you have a USB keyboard, you can disconnect it now, and you see that the computer continues to work without it. Many servers, like the Computer Hope web server, run almost their entire life without a keyboard and are administered by a remotely-connected user. Today, most desktop computer keyboards connect to the computer using either USB or Bluetooth for wireless communication.

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For certain uses (e.g., transcription of medical or legal dictation; journalism; writing essays or novels) speech recognition is starting to replace the keyboard. However, the lack of privacy when issuing voice commands and dictation makes this kind of input unsuitable for many environments. But lower-quality keyboard designs and unknowledgeable engineers may not know these tricks, and it can still be a problem in games due to wildly different or configurable layouts in different games. The first electronic keyboards had a typewriter key travel distance of 0.187 inches (4.75 mm), keytops were a half-inch (12.7 mm) high, and keyboards were about two inches thick. Over time, less key travel was accepted in the market, finally landing on 0.110 inches (2.79 mm). Coincident with this, Key Tronic was the first company to introduce a keyboard that was only about one inch thick.

The reason for the light up keyboard is to help gamers navigate their way around it instinctively. When you’re in the midst of an intense game, missing even a single keystroke can spell doom. With the help of Logitech’s free app, gamers can customise each key with one of 16.8 million unique hues.

This is the run of the mill keyboard most people are accustomed to. A black board covered in standard QWERTY keys, they are simple and functional. Standard keyboards are reliable and durable, ideal for most users. Newer versions of standard keyboards often come wireless because their lack of extra features means that battery operation is very feasible.

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