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An attempt to perform an operation on the wrong type of value raises an error. In static typing, all expressions have their types determined prior to when the program is executed, typically at compile-time. For example, 1 and (2+2) are integer expressions; they cannot be passed to a function that expects a string, or stored in a variable that is defined to hold dates.

It is a favorite for analyzing and manipulating large data sets. While not as established as some of the other languages in this article, helpful manuals are available from the R development core team and other worthwhile resources throughout the web. One downside is its less-than-impressive performance and speed compared to other popular languages. There are also some concerns about scalability to larger, more complex platforms. Here are the best programming language for beginners, starting with the easiest and working toward the more challenging ones. Sruthi is a content writer for Simplilearn, with brief prior experience in marketing, journalistic reporting, photography, editing, designing, video-making, and event management.

Measuring Language Usage

Programming languages allow developers to tell computers what to do. Each language comes with its own advantages, and many of their functions overlap. And with over 600 languages to choose from, it can be hard to figure where to start. While not without its detractors, JavaScript is a must-learn if you plan to develop for web-enabled devices. Still the world’s most popular programming language, JS is used to manipulate the output of HTML and CSS, among other things.

  • As a language, Nim is limited, but it includes a set of metaprogramming features like generics, templates and macros, so developers can work in different styles while avoiding wordy code.
  • Some languages, including Perl and Lisp, contain constructs that allow execution during the parsing phase.
  • An assembly language is not so much a paradigm as a direct model of an underlying machine architecture.
  • Also referred to as Golang, Go was developed by Google to be an efficient, readable, and secure language for system-level programming.
  • It is a procedural programming language that was used in teaching computer programming in Soviet schools.

It is used for rapid prototyping and has found utility in embedded systems. It is a high-order computer programming language similar to ALGOL. It is best-suited to the design and development of embedded systems. It is an interpreted computer programming language intended to be used in cooperation with Game Maker, an application for game creation.


Don Syme at the Microsoft Research developed this language, which is now being developed at the Microsoft Developer Division. F Sharp, as it is called, will soon be integrated into the .NET Framework and Visual Studio. Programs for data analytics typically use the R and MATLAB programming languages. KLIC is a portable implementation of a concurrent logic programming language KL1.

A programming language is mainly used to develop desktop applications, websites, and mobile applications. In addition to being a beginner-friendly language, Kotlin is especially easy and quick to grasp if you already have knowledge of Java or Python. It’s also straight-forward for iOS developers to learn because it was built on the same modern concepts they already use. In 2014, Apple developed Swift as an alternative to Objective-C to use with macOS and iOS .

It isn’t difficult and serves as another ideal starter language for novice developers. As with Ruby, you can assign a string to a variable that initially held an integer, and vice versa. As you’re learning, it’s important that you use Python’s flexible nature for good, however, and not to develop sloppy coding practices. It should be easy for you to focus on proper structure and syntax as you move forward.

Html5 And Css

Ada is an internationally standardized computer programming language. It is used in the desktop publishing field and is known as a page description language. It is a dynamically typed stack-based programming language developed by John Warnock, an American computer scientist and Charles Geschke, a notable figure in the field of computer science. These developers went on to found the very well-known company, Adobe Systems. Perl is a high-level interpreted programming language that supports dynamic programming.

For example, if you prefer your mathematical operators to be spelled out instead of using symbols (“plus” instead of “+”), you can define that in Ruby. R is most popular among Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Statisticians. But, more and more STEM professionals are drawn to R because of the many packages designed specifically for their fields and, sometimes, specifically for their companies. Some packages are for general functions, like data visualization. But most are designed for very specific professional functions, which is why R is so widely used. There’s an R package out there to fit your needs, whether you’re interested in general statistics, genetic sequencing, geospatial analysis, or anything in between.

It is based on the Java Virtual Machine and focuses on science and engineering. Its striking feature is that it tracks the units of measure through all the calculations that enables quantities to contain their units of measurement. Mobile applications are increasingly written in Swift or Kotlin.

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